Sep 082016
CAUTION: Don't Be Another (Failure) Statistic

Did you know that 60% of small businesses go under within the first three years of business, with two-thirds failing within the first 10 years? Those grim failure statistics seem so overwhelming, that some might say you’d need to be an absolute fool to start a business today. But entrepreneurial dreams are hard things to neglect (thankfully). So many eager beavers take the leap from worker to entrepreneur, in spite of the odds. Businesses who succeed can expect to lose [read more…]

Jul 302012
CAUTION: Don't Rely On Gurus

Don’t do it. After spending most of the past year laying a solid foundation for my resort-based websites, I found myself listening to guru podcast after guru podcast instead of concentrating on things that really mattered to drive my business. I was of the opinion that everyone else (except for me) had uncovered the secret to online success. If I could just listen to each worthwhile podcast or attend the ‘mustn’t-miss’ webinar, I, too, would learn the secret and be [read more…]

Oct 092011
CAUTION: Don't Hide Behind Your Computer

Are you launching an online business? Heed these warnings that will save you time and money. Tip: Don’t hire a website developer too soon. For most of this year, I’ve been hunkered down, hidden behind my Dell laptop screen. I’ve been working day and night in order to lay a solid foundation for my Resort Lifestyle Network business.  I’ve been building websites from scratch.  I’ve been doing lots of research. I’ve been writing a lot of content.  I’ve been playing around [read more…]

Sep 082011
CAUTION: Average Is Over

I recently watched Thomas Friedman’s (Pulitzer Prize winning author and NY Times columnist) appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight, and I was struck by something he said. In talking about education in America and the new world economy, he suggested we ponder the serious question: “What world are we living in?” This discussion is one he addresses in his new book: . What World Are We Living In? Good question.  He certainly got me thinking about competition and the economic environment we live in today.  [read more…]

Aug 172011
CAUTION: Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Don’t do it. I’ve always been one to work extremely hard.  Most entrepreneurs do — especially during the all-encompassing start-up phase. Sole proprietor’s are incredibly fired up that they work around the clock to bring their ingenious ideas to light.  This tireless effort is exhausting enough, but when you throw your negative internal critic into the mix, it’s difficult to stay positive and proud. “Why can’t I get more done?”  “Who do I think I am?” “Why can’t I figure it out?” “What was [read more…]

Aug 172011
CAUTION: Don't Assume You Know Your Audience

Don’t do it. When I launched Hire Me Aspen, I thought I had a pretty good handle on who my target audience was. After all, I was targeting someone just like me. The idea of my website arose out of a genuine concern about the economy and living in a resort town: “What would I do if I lost my work-from-anywhere corporate job and needed to freelance on the side to make extra money while I launched my business?” Plus, there’s a [read more…]

Aug 152011
CAUTION: Don't Be Domain Happy

Don’t do it. When I decided to branch out on my own, I spent an entire weekend brainstorming like a mad woman. They say when you lose track of time, you’re most certainly following your passions.  Clearly, I was on a roll and loving every minute of it, so I guess you can say it was a passion-filled weekend. One of the biggest brainstorms that came out of that weekend was the creation of Sharing Profiles, LLC and how my network of websites would work [read more…]

Aug 122011
CAUTION: Don't Hire A Developer...Too Soon

Don’t do it. When I started planning my first website, the first thing I did was call the smartest developer I knew and trusted.  Unfortunately, that should have been the last step in the startup process, not the first step. The truth is, I had no business going into an online business without doing my homework first. Keep the control. When you hire a developer without basic knowledge in place, you’ll soon realize that your hands are tied because you can’t make updates or even the [read more…]