Apr 142012

What’s involved in this job? Work in hotels and other accommodations can be demanding and hectic. Hotel staffs provide a variety of services to guests and must do so efficiently, courteously, and accurately. They must maintain a pleasant demeanor even during times of stress or when dealing with an impatient or irate guest. Alternately, work at slower times, such as the off-season or overnight periods, can seem slow and tiresome. Still, hotel workers must be ready to provide guests and [read more…]

Apr 142012
INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: Food and Beverage

What’s involved in this job? The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry, with about 9.6 million wage and salary jobs in 2008, ranks among the Nation’s leading employers.  F&B tends to be small; about two-thirds of the establishments in the industry employed fewer than 20 workers. As a result, this industry often is considered attractive to individuals who want to own and run their own businesses. Establishments in this industry, particularly fast-food establishments, are leading employers of teenagers—aged 16 through 19—providing [read more…]