Aug 242016
[GREEN] TIP: Just Google It

If You’re Stuck, Just Google It. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times that customers, colleagues or friends have been stuck on something and don’t know what to do, so they’ve called and asked me. Do you know what I do if I don’t know?  I google it.  Sounds obvious, I know. But many times, the obvious is un-obvious. Yesterday, I had a customer ask me what to do because they got an error message when trying [read more…]

Sep 302015
[Plugin] UpdraftPlus

Plugin for Backups Positioned as the world’s most trusted backup plugin, UpdraftPlus is the world’s highest rated and most-installed plugin. UpdraftPlus can back up WordPress sites of any size. It runs wherever WordPress does, has more storage options than any rival and makes cloning simple. Your WordPress backups are worth the same as your entire investment in your website. The day may come when you get hacked (or your hosting company does or they go bust) — without good backups, you [read more…]

Jul 302012
CAUTION: Don't Rely On Gurus

Don’t do it. After spending most of the past year laying a solid foundation for my resort-based websites, I found myself listening to guru podcast after guru podcast instead of concentrating on things that really mattered to drive my business. I was of the opinion that everyone else (except for me) had uncovered the secret to online success. If I could just listen to each worthwhile podcast or attend the ‘mustn’t-miss’ webinar, I, too, would learn the secret and be [read more…]

Jul 242012
[Plugin] Yet Another Related Post

Plugin for Engaging Readers YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) lets you display a list of related entries on your site and/or feeds based on a unique algorithm, drive incremental page-views and provide more value to your reader. Problem: You need to encourage your readers to stay on your site and truly engage with your content so they become raving fans, loyal followers and ultimately, paying customers. YARPP helps you introduce your reader to other relevant content on your site, making it [read more…]

Jun 142012
[Plugin] Welcome Gate

Plugin for Capturing Email A Welcome Gate™ is a cross between a popup and a squeeze page.  But it’s far less annoying and aggressive than both (while still delivering serious results). Problem: Markets are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and that’s why you need to shake things up and try new things to capture emails.  The jury’s still out, but I’m thinking that pop-ups may be getting a bit stale (although I do the Qoate Scroll Triggered plugin (keep scrolling and [read more…]

May 302012
[Plugin] Fast Secure Contact Form

Plugin for Building Forms We all know how important having a contact form on your website is.  Adding a contact form is actually one of the first things you should do when starting a new WordPress site. After all, it’s one of the biggest ways to capture much needed customer information. But what if you need a form builder to capture more than just someone’s contact information? The Fast Secure Contact Form plugin makes it easy for you to create customized [read more…]

Apr 192012
[Plugin] Qoate Scroll Triggered Box

Plugin for Building Email Lists  We all know how important building your email list is.  After all, that’s one big way you turn prospects into customers. One of my favorite plugins to use is: Qoate Scroll Triggered Box plugin.  This plugin makes it easy for you to create scroll triggered call-to-actions on your WordPress post pages and build your email list. Problem: You need to build your email list.  Yet, you don’t want to overwhelm your website visitors with a call to [read more…]

Feb 032012
[GREEN] TIP: 50 Tasks in 90 Days To Start Your Biz

Is it time you start turning your dreams into reality? Over the last three months, I’ve been working like a fiend trying to get my new brand building company off the ground. In addition to the Resort Lifestyle Network that I manage, I had been providing consulting services on the side to generate additional revenue.  However, with more business coming in than I could manage, I decided to turn my ‘side gig’ into something more. And thus my new online [read more…]

Jan 302012
If You're Struggling Financially, Weak Social Skills May Be the Culprit

By Steve Pavlina of Often when people are struggling financially, they try to make improvements that never quite work out. One reason is that they’re working on symptoms while overlooking the real core issues. If I may be direct, much of the time the main reason people struggle in this part of life is because they have very weak social skills. They may think that limiting beliefs about money, or perhaps a lack of self-discipline, are holding them back, but [read more…]

Oct 132011
Do You Own A 'Semi-Local' Business?

UPDATED: View Survey Results Here. What is Semi-Local? It seems that everywhere you turn, people are taking their ideas, causes, and now more than ever — their product and services — to the internet. Local businesses that were once traditionally categorized as “brick-and-mortar” operations just a few years ago have discovered that their products and services are well-suited for online.  From dog grooming accessories to designer children’s fashions to even local consulting services, a wide range of businesses are now selling their [read more…]

Oct 092011
CAUTION: Don't Hide Behind Your Computer

Are you launching an online business? Heed these warnings that will save you time and money. Tip: Don’t hire a website developer too soon. For most of this year, I’ve been hunkered down, hidden behind my Dell laptop screen. I’ve been working day and night in order to lay a solid foundation for my Resort Lifestyle Network business.  I’ve been building websites from scratch.  I’ve been doing lots of research. I’ve been writing a lot of content.  I’ve been playing around [read more…]

Sep 272011
[GREEN] TOOL: Instapaper URL Clipper

What is it? Instapaper is the best thing I’ve come across all year. It’s been around for quite some time, has 1 million registered users and was named “Best Publication App of 2010,” but I hadn’t heard about it.  So I figured it’s worth sharing just in case you missed it too. For quite some time now, I’ve been searching high and low for a simple tool that would do exactly what Instapaper does: save webpage urls. Instapaper allows you to easily [read more…]

Sep 122011

Entrepreneur:  Marc Ostrofsky Interviewer:  Andrew Warner Subject: General Business Length: 1:04:51   Entrepreneur Bio: Marc Ostrofsky is a professional speaker, consultant, venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur.  He wrote the book , which teaches readers how to make money, save money, and achieve financial independence through internet commerce. His current Internet companies generate $75  Million+ annually and include,,, and  He’s also know for selling the domain name for $7.5 million which  landed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the [read more…]

Aug 282011
[BLACK] TOOL: Amazon Associates

Do you write blog posts (you should) about your business? If so, you have an opportunity to create another revenue stream for your business by recommending Amazon products which apply to the subject at hand. What is it? Amazon Associates is one way to make money when you advertise the products on Amazon.  When you sign up to be an “associate,” you’ll be given a unique associate id which is embedded in the URL for tracking and payment purposes. Links and Banners One way [read more…]

Aug 122011
CAUTION: Don't Hire A Developer...Too Soon

Don’t do it. When I started planning my first website, the first thing I did was call the smartest developer I knew and trusted.  Unfortunately, that should have been the last step in the startup process, not the first step. The truth is, I had no business going into an online business without doing my homework first. Keep the control. When you hire a developer without basic knowledge in place, you’ll soon realize that your hands are tied because you can’t make updates or even the [read more…]