Aug 242016
[GREEN] TIP: Just Google It

If You’re Stuck, Just Google It. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times that customers, colleagues or friends have been stuck on something and don’t know what to do, so they’ve called and asked me. Do you know what I do if I don’t know?  I google it.  Sounds obvious, I know. But many times, the obvious is un-obvious. Yesterday, I had a customer ask me what to do because they got an error message when trying [read more…]

Aug 222012
[BLUE] TIP: Email Prospecting

 Tips for Prospecting via Email Your prospects are busy.  They don’t have time to read through lengthy emails, so they keep their finger on the delete key — just waiting for the opportunity to pounce on it. Here are seven tips to increase your email prospecting success. Tip 1: Delete the Fluff Re-read your email and look for any superlatives, exaggerated expressions or other fluff. Some serious offenders include: exciting, state-of-the-art, solution, partner, leading edge, passion, unique, one-stop-shop, unique, one-of-a-kind, etc. Tip [read more…]

Aug 012012
[BLUE] TIP: Twitter Lead Gen

Do you want to turn your twitter followers into blog subscribers?  If so, this brilliant TIP I stumbled upon from Momekh of LifeETC is for you. What is it? When a twitter follower (or prospective twitter follower) visits your twitter profile page, they are more than likely going to check out your Twitter Bio.  Hopefully, if you’re a smart marketer, you’ve not only added a quick bio about yourself, but you’ve also included a link back to your website and/or blog. Instead of [read more…]

Jun 032012
[DOUBLE DIAMOND] TIP: Too Busy To Slow Down? Doubt It.

I have been taking it really easy lately which is definitely a good thing. I’ve been cranking out some work, and admittedly, I’ve been recuperating from too much over-indulgence. There’s definitely something to be said for stopping.  Just stopping whatever you’re doing and getting present. I received an email from a friend and potential business partner this afternoon that screamed ‘overwhelmed’ to me. I’ve been there so many times, so I know. You could just tell from her writing — the anxiety [read more…]

Jun 032012
[DOUBLE DIAMOND] TIP: Who Can You 'Kudo'?

After another late night of working into the wee wee hours, I decided to meditate to start my day off right. I always intend to take the time and do this, but I’m not always successful. Meditation is completely appropriate and much needed during any business launch period. Today’s guided meditation — one of my favorites — was on trust and surrender.  I find it  helpful to remember these two action verbs when bootstrapping my start-up. Entrepreneurs find themselves working long hours, day in [read more…]

Feb 032012
[GREEN] TIP: 50 Tasks in 90 Days To Start Your Biz

Is it time you start turning your dreams into reality? Over the last three months, I’ve been working like a fiend trying to get my new brand building company off the ground. In addition to the Resort Lifestyle Network that I manage, I had been providing consulting services on the side to generate additional revenue.  However, with more business coming in than I could manage, I decided to turn my ‘side gig’ into something more. And thus my new online [read more…]

Sep 222011
[DOUBLE DIAMOND] TIP: It's Time To Burn Some Bridges

Everyone thinks that burning bridges is a horrible thing. But when you’re an entrepreneur in the start up phase of a business, burning bridges is not only a good thing – it’s a necessity for success. As you cross the bridge over the great divide from employee to entrepreneur, you must burn that bridge down or else you’ll find yourself constantly distracted, looking back over your shoulder. Burning bridges keeps you from backstepping into past illusions of safety and grandeur. When [read more…]

Sep 162011
[BLACK] TIP: How To Attract More Money

Everyone is working so hard these days to make more money and survive this recession, including myself. We’re laser focused on acquiring the actual dollars and cents to pay our bills that most, I’m afraid, are forgetting how money really flows to us. Money flows to us in the form of opportunities. When you have your nose to the grindstone, going through the motion of making a living, you’re more than likely missing opportunities that are presented to you throughout [read more…]

Sep 132011
[DOUBLE DIAMOND] TIP: Take Time To Reflect

Like most people, I spent this past weekend reflecting on the last ten years since 9/11/01. The memorials certainly were top of mind, but the biggest reflection trigger was having what I hope to be the last garage sale of my life (although I’m not overly optimistic considering that was the exact same sentiment I expressed after the last three). This time, I do believe it is true.  I’ve changed. Clearing the Clutter No longer interested in acquisitions, I have officially entered [read more…]

Sep 082011
[BLUE] TIP: Create "Biz Dev Only" Days for Success

Improve Your Marketing & Get More Clients by Fabienne Fredrickson on August 3, 2011 It’s important to make time during your week to focus on Client Attraction and the marketing needed to get more clients. While you’re clustering your client appointments, go just one step ahead. Cluster your days for maximum efficiency and create “Business Development Only” days. The more I’ve worked on creating Business Development Only Days, the more successful I’ve become. It helps me be “in the flow” [read more…]

Aug 292011
[GREEN] TIP: Do You Need a Founding Partner?

Don’t Go Solo Are you running your business all by yourself? There’s something to said about sole proprietors.  They get to call all the shots and make all the decisions. Entrepreneurs also get to carry all the burdens and work all the time.  Although it can be extremely exhilarating launching your dream solo, it’s an exhausting and isolating endeavor too. There’s a myth out there about the sole entrepreneur who has the idea, starts the company and gets rich.  While there might [read more…]

Jun 022011
[DOUBLE DIAMOND] TIP: When You Get The Wind Knocked Out of You...Breathe

Don’t Forget To Breathe The other night, I got the wind knocked out of me, and I literally lost my breath. I had the excruciating pain of falling down a flight of stairs. It wasn’t a rolling tumble by any means. It was the type of fall that hurt. I stepped on the edge of the carpeted stair, my feet flew out from under me and my back crashed with a forceful thump against the treads. I slid down the rest of the [read more…]