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[VIDEO] Steve Jobs Commencement Address

The Lesson of Overcoming the Odds

College graduation ceremonies are always filled with inspiring words, especially for those students about to enter the professional world. In 2005, Stanford University managed to wrangle Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs, one of the most successful and innovative businessmen of all time, who offered three stories to the graduating student body.

Jobs retells why he dropped out of college, how he got fired from his own company, and how he dealt with his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The common thread linking these stories is the ability to overcome the odds and persevere at the lowest moments in life, a great and encouraging lesson for any struggling business owner.

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[VIDEO] How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

How to get your ideas to spread

Seth Godin is a marketing guru and successful entrepreneur who can tell you to how to stand out in a world saturated with products and time-strapped customers. According to Godin, you need to stop targeting the average person in the market, as they are very skilled at ignoring you. This is handy advice, as he points out all those brands that are doing it right.

“The riskiest thing you can do now is be safe. The safe thing to do now is be at the fringes, to be remarkable. If it’s very good, it’s not going to be successful, it’s too boring.”

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[Video] Be Willing to Walk Away from a Deal

Sales Integrity is Being Willing to NOT Sell Something

Are you so desperate for a deal that you’d never dare walk away from a sales opportunity? Especially one that’s a big deal that could pay your mortgage for 3 months or cover office expenses?

Thinking about walking away is tough for most entrepreneurs, especially considering hard we work for a living. But, there are times when it makes all the sense to do just that. Don’t sacrifice short-term gains for long-term success.

Today’s customer wants to deal with credible people who’ll tell them the truth.

Watch this 1:32 video from Jill Konrath to find out some good reasons why having sales integrity, even at the risk of losing income, is the right thing to do.

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[Video] Dealing With Criticism

How do you handle criticism?

Whether you like it or not, one thing that happens once you start multiplying your business is that you become a target for criticism. Fabienne discusses ways to handle the criticism in your industry.  You have to realize that the bigger you play, the more you will invite criticism.

Watch this 8:54 video from Fabienne Fredrickson of the Client Attraction System to discover the ways to deal with criticism so that it doesn’t impact your self-confidence.


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[Video] Getting Funded in Silicon Valley

What Does It Take To Get A Deal Done?

Henry Wong (30 year Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley) discusses the acid test for entrepreneurs, and talks about what elements to present when thinking about raising venture capital.  There are five key points that you must consider when seeking funding, one of which is having a cohesive team.

Watch this :06 video to discover the other four criteria; it’s well worth your time.

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[Video] Where’s Your Call To Action?

Eliciting A Response

If you’re wondering why you’re not multiplying your business to the next level or getting more clients or making more money, I want to ask you, “How are you eliciting a response?”We’re seeing really, really good content but if you don’t ask for the client to respond to you in one way or another, they’re not going to. You must connect the dots for them. If they don’t realize that you are for hire, they will not reach out to you to hire you.

Watch the video to learn more.

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[Video] 5 Shortcuts To Finding Your Passion


In this video, Jen Gresham of Everyday Bright explains to Leo Babauta of Zen Habits how to determine if your passion is worth pursuing.  Is your hobby just a hobby, or could it translate into a real money-making career?  She offers five shortcuts that will help in your decision making about what passions are worth pursuing.

This video also discusses the anti-passions and why you can’t ignore them, why passion isn’t everything, the #1 mistake people make when choosing a passion and advice for the extremely passionate (do you have to choose).

Passion Webinar: Jen Gresham on Careers from Leo Babauta on Vimeo.