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After another late night of working into the wee wee hours, I decided to meditate to start my day off right. I always intend to take the time and do this, but I’m not always successful.

Meditation is completely appropriate and much needed during any business launch period.

Today’s guided meditation — one of my favorites — was on trust and surrender.  I find it  helpful to remember these two action verbs when bootstrapping my start-up.

Entrepreneurs find themselves working long hours, day in and day out, without little to no recognition in the beginning, so it’s important to trust that your hard work will pay off and completely surrender until it does.

After centering myself from meditation, I fired up my iPhone and immediately one email from a complete stranger caught my eye.  This stranger sincerely complimented me on something I’d written and wanted to know if I was available to discuss ways we could work together in the future since he owned a related business.

Really?  My ego took a leap.

A complete stranger was not only reading, but responding to, my written thought.

The positive feedback felt great, especially considering how exposed I’ve been feeling as a new business owner who’s authentically writing about the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur.  Trust me, I’d relish any and all kudos coming my way.

People don’t sincerely compliment friends, nevertheless strangers, nearly enough these days.  That’s why starting today, I am going to make a concerted effort to do that more.

A compliment is a two-way gift anyway.  Both the giver and the receiver benefit from this kind gesture; yet too often, people deprive themselves of the pleasure of giving a compliment, instead choosing to let the moment slip by without conveying their thoughts.

Maybe it’s time you take a good hard look around at your friends, family, employees, contractors, vendors, partners and even strangers.  Pay close attention.  See who needs lifting up.  Then, offer a compliment and a smile.

Times have been really tough lately.  More people than not could use some support or at least a kind word now and then.

What makes for a good compliment?  The praise needs to be sincere, specific and without qualification (no underhanded or excessive compliments).  When praise is delivered the right way, you’re bound to make that person feel better.  You may even motivate them too.

So, who can you “kudo” today?


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~ by Connie Hammond ~