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[BLUE] TIP: Email Prospecting

 Tips for Prospecting via Email

Your prospects are busy.  They don’t have time to read through lengthy emails, so they keep their finger on the delete key — just waiting for the opportunity to pounce on it. Here are seven tips to increase your email prospecting success.

Tip 1: Delete the Fluff

Re-read your email and look for any superlatives, exaggerated expressions or other fluff. Some serious offenders include: exciting, state-of-the-art, solution, partner, leading edge, passion, unique, one-stop-shop, unique, one-of-a-kind, etc.

Tip 2: Apply the KISS theory

Keep it simple, stupid. Your email needs to be less than 90 words.  Use two-sentence paragraphs so your email can be scanned quickly.  Stick with black fonts (no colors!) and never include more than one link or attachment.

Tip 3: Figure Out Their Pain Point

When researching your prospect’s company, industry or position, determine what their pain point is.  Everyone has one.  Figure it out, and then tell them how your relevant solution solves their problem.

Tip 4: Make It Timely

Identify key business events that may be impacting your prospect’s priorities and tie your message into that. Examples include moving into a new business office, merging with another company, recently announced management changes or new legislation that impacts your target.

Tip 5: Be Indispensable

Your product or service may be a commodity, but you’re not.  Focus on the ideas, insights and information you can share — especially the things that make you unique — that will help your prospect reach their goals.

Tip 6: Craft Enticing Subject Lines

Your subject line determines if your message gets read. Avoid sales hype and superlatives. Instead, focus on business issues such as: “Partnership opportunity for your upcoming trade show” or “Quick question re: your outsourcing talent.”

Tip 7: Launch a Campaign

It usually takes up to 12 touch points (via email and/or phone) over four-to-six weeks to create a solid email campaign. Each interaction should build off the previous one. Provide links to resources. Highlight the value of using your service vs. staying with the existing vendor. Give away a free eBook. Offer a complimentary consultation. There are many reasons to engage with your prospect, just make sure that when you do reach out repeatedly, each message in the campaign is relevant and adds value.

Live and Learn.

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