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[Plugin] UpdraftPlus

Plugin for Backups

Positioned as the world’s most trusted backup plugin, UpdraftPlus is the world’s highest rated and most-installed plugin. UpdraftPlus can back up WordPress sites of any size. It runs wherever WordPress does, has more storage options than any rival and makes cloning simple.

Your WordPress backups are worth the same as your entire investment in your website. The day may come when you get hacked (or your hosting company does or they go bust) — without good backups, you lose everything.

Do you really want to entrust all your work to a backup plugin with only a few thousand downloads or to one that has no professional backup or support? With a 4.9/5.0 rating and over 3 million downloads (500,000+ installs), UpdraftPlus is the backup plugin we use and recommend.

Key Features:

Easy Storage: UpdraftPlus offers many remote cloud storage options: Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP, etc.  With ‘Updraft Vault’, you get the zero hassle option. Manage and download backups for all your sites at one central location. No complicated setup or fiddly keys, no accounting hassles. Just press a button to make the connection, and you’re done! UpdraftPlus Premium gives you 1 GB of Vault storage for free, with the option of purchasing more.

Scheduled Backups: With the paid option, you can ‘set it and forget it’ with automated backups vs. performing manual backups (free version). Choose exactly when and how often to backup – every 4, 8 or 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly – your choice! UpdraftPlus can also automatically run a backup before you update a plugin, theme or WordPress itself – even when WordPress updates itself in the background; so, whatever problems a new update brings, you’re covered!

Restoring Backups: Download backups directly from your WordPress control panel.You can restore individual entities (e.g. just your plugins after a problematic update) or restore everything at once. You can also import backups from other sites, or import them from your remote storage (e.g. your Dropbox).

Migrate (Clone/Duplicate): With their ‘Migrator’ feature, you can easily clone or migrate your website to a different URL all from the dashboard in only a matter of minutes.This feature is useful if you want to clone a site for testing, or if you’re a developer wanting to build a custom site on a local or temporary domain and then shift it all over to a live domain later on. You can even send data directly from one site to another.


The UpdraftPlus plugin has been installed more than 500,000 times, so you can rest assured that it’s been vetted by the crowd.


You can enjoy the free option with minimal storage. Or, upgrade to a premium account with 1 GB of data storage for as low as $70 per year for more small, individual sites (2 licenses) or $95/year for business/multiple sites (10 licenses).

Psst…be sure to check out the Q&A section where you can get a coupon for the upgrade!

You can download and learn more about Updraft Plus here.


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4 thoughts on “[Plugin] UpdraftPlus

  1. Nice list! Thanks for gathering this useful information. One question: when I went through I didn’t see any recommendations considering emailing solution.

    I personnally use Sendinblue WP plugin since I experienced recurring disappointments with Mailchimp’s deliverability. I find it great and I would like to have your feeling on this.

    1. Thanks for the info; good to know. I haven’t heard of the Sendinblue before, but it looks interesting. I’ll consider it in the future. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the tip about using Updraftplus. Backing up my work is a task I have ignored but must really take care of. I have no excuses really- I have WP Backup built into my Blog Dashboard but have not used this tool yet.

    1. Sorry for not getting back soon, Ron. Glad you like the tip. UpdraftPlus is really easy to use, so I hope you’ve given it a go! Here’s hoping neither one of us ever really need it! :)

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