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[GREEN] TOOL: Todoist

Are you looking for a new “to-do”?

There is one task manager tool that I use all the time. Not just every day, but every hour. It not only is one of my most used tools, but it’s also a huge help when it comes to keeping my work organized on my computer.

Todoist helps you keep your desktop and your life organized.

First, create a project. Then create tasks related to that project. You can add due dates and set up reminders.  You can reorder them. You can even color code them. This tool is so intuitive and easy, you have to get it.

The main reason I love it, though, is because of the Google Chrome Plugin that allows me to easily save and organize important URLs without having to open up a new browser. This means I can always access my to do list when away from my computer as long as I can access Google.  Todoist offers plugins for Outlook and Firefox too. Finally, if you’re working in a team, they have a solution called “wedoist” as well (although I don’t use that solution).

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What’s the Cost?

Todoist offers a free option; however, I recommend spending the $29/year for the premium product. I did, and it’s worth every penny IMHO.

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Screenshot: Here is the screenshot of my open Todoist chrome plugin. Note the red “TD” icon upper right which is what you click to add tasks easily):


Live and Learn.

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